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Your card to your phone bring it closer

Share your all information with others by one click.
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Olicard Digital Vizitkart
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Only the information you allow is shared.
Share now
Share now
Share anything with one tap.
100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
Delivery availability to every address in Azerbaijan
Nature friendly
Nature friendly
Eco-friendly & Sustainable
Contactless Technology
Contactless Technology
Share without touching
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Up to date
QR supported NFC card

Or are you still using paper cards? Watch the change now with your Next Generation Card.

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How OliCARD works?

The OliCARD Digital Card lets you transfer your contact information, social media accounts and more to any smartphone with one tap.

OliCard nece isleyir?
Make better connections
Make better connections
Thanks to OliCARD, transfer your contact information immediately to phones in seconds. No application is required.
Lessen your costs
Lessen your costs
Thanks to OliCARD, you will have cards suitable for long-term use.
Be sustainable
Be sustainable
Using OliCARD in your company can save 17 trees, 20.000 gallons of water, 4100 KWH Energy and 177 Kg greenhouse gas.
Offered products
NFC card
65.00 $
NFC + QR code card
75.00 $
Card with private logo
90.00 $
QR code system
60.00 $
Easy to get
Delivery to any address within the Republic
  • Delivery to the specified address as soon as possible after receiving the order
  • Ability to pay for delivery services online
  • Alerts at every stage of delivery
Take advantage of new generation technologies.
Share your information with those around you at any time, wherever you want.
Thoughts about us
Customer satisfaction
Our company needed this kind of marketing presentation and we entrusted this work to the Olicard team, thank you for your professionalism!
Emin Mammadli
Executive Director
Thank you for your attention and prompt service. We will be able to present our work more professionally to the other party. Because of your help.
Narmin Gurbanova
Marketing Director
I work as a financial manager and Olicard has become the most important type of presentation I need in meetings with companies. Thank you for your quality and reasonably priced work!
Hikmet Musazadeh
Financial Manager
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Most frequently asked questions
What is a digital card?

Based on the latest innovations, it is a new generation business card that helps you download all your information to the phone memory in seconds with NFC or QR technology without the need for any mobile application.

How do I add my information to the system?

When you open Olicard for the first time, a screen will appear where you can edit your information in the panel. Your card will be activated after saving your details here.

Do l need to download an app to my phone to use OliCARD?

No. You do not need any application for OliCARD. Having an NFC compatible phone is enough for OliCARD.

Can I change my card information at any time?

Yes. You can change the information on your card at any time. All you need to do is log in to your personal portal.

What is special about OliCARD?

Once you have a OliCARD, there is no need to buy paper business cards. With a single digital card, it allows you to share the information you want with as many smart devices as you want in less than a second with NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology.

My business card arrived but l couldn’t get it to work. What should I do?

Make sure your phone’s NFC feature is turned on. If you continue to have problems, you can contact us.

How is my information kept secure?

OliCARD security team utilizes the most up-to-date encryption methods, and anonymize information before storing it.

What should l do if my card is lost or stolen?

If your card has been lost, stolen, or damaged, contact us immediately so we can block your card. Besides, you can deactivate your profile page visibility from the OliCARD management panel.

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